Another September premiere is music that I wrote and arranged based on Greater Poland folk works. I’ve had a lot of experience with our folklore. It began as a musical adventure with the folk song and dance ensemble “Poligrodzianie”. Then released in 2013 album “Zośka”, “Kolberg Fortuny” (2014), performances of the formations “Maciej Fortuna – Słowiański” and “Fortuna Ethno Quartet”, and finally, ethno-jazz “Koncert w volcano” (2016). After a few years’ break, I returned with a new program, new musical energy and fantastic artists.

Under my direction, the following will perform:
Magdalena Howorska – vocals, hurdy-gurdy
Maria Przybylska – tied violin
Romuald Jędraszak – Wielkopolska bagpipes
Tomasz Kiciński – tied violin
Jakub Króikowski – Fender piano
Radosław Łukaszewicz – double bass
Stanislav Aleksandrowicz – drums

Culture Centre Czempiń, Sept. 12th 2021 hrs. 5:00 PM, come in!

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We played “Constitution 1971” in Vilnius, and today we play in London. We are planning a few more places in Poland and Europe. One thing


I will perform works by Krzysztof Komeda and Jerzy Milian with my quartet. We will play in Poznań, in the Polish Academy of Sciences building