Maciej Fortuna Trio

The band was formed in 2010. Its founder and leader is a trumpeter and composer, Maciej Fortuna. The sound concept of the band is based on European improvised music and the use of unique acoustic colours of the trumpet, double bass and drums.

The songs of Maciej Fortuna Trio are dominated by expressive rhythms, groovy funk and a whole set of improvised references – all harnessed in the service of good old jazz. The band played several hundred concerts in Poland and around the world. The group performed at Leipziger Jazztage, International Jazz Festival in Stara Zagora and Jarasum Festival 2014 in South Korea. In 2016, the group ceased operations.

In 2021, after a 5-year break, Maciej Fortuna Trio returned with a new material – “Baltic”. The new trio draws on the European improvised scene’s acoustic sounds, strongly referring to Polish jazz’s motives and exploring the sonoristic layers of trumpet, double bass and drums. The band has released four albums: “Solar Ring” (2012), “Sahjia” (2012), “At Home” (2013) and “Jazz” (2016).

Current line-up: Maciej Fortuna – trumpet, Piotr Cienkowski – double bass, Stanisław Aleksandrowicz – drums.