The orchestra I lead – Poznań Fifteen – will premiere a new, original material, “Music from computer games”. In the arrangement layer, I captured the character of original musical productions. At the same time, I invited excellent soloists – Daga Gregorowicz, Tim Hazel, Robert Buszkiewicz, Maciej Frycz, and Magdalena Howorska, thanks to whom my arrangements will take on magical power. The orchestra will be supported by a string quartet under the direction of Małgorzata Musidlak. The whole orchestra rejuvenated, energetic and ready for the most significant musical challenges. The premiere will occur on September 4, 2021, at 6:00 PM in the Municipal Cultural Centre in Kobylin. The event accompanying the premiere will be a show of retro games. You will be able to play on old consoles and computers from the previous century. I invite you!

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We played “Constitution 1971” in Vilnius, and today we play in London. We are planning a few more places in Poland and Europe. One thing


I will perform works by Krzysztof Komeda and Jerzy Milian with my quartet. We will play in Poznań, in the Polish Academy of Sciences building